Trinity's Youth

From Junior High to Senior High, Trinity has a dynamic group of youth who share in Bible Studies and regular outings. Anyone ages 12 to 18 welcome!

Trinity Youth Group

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  • Sunday School on Sunday morning at 9:45am in the youth room
  • Midweek Activities:
    • Tuesday Evenings: Rotating Tuesdays between Bible Studies at church and activities outside of the church. Some activities include: Annual Mall Hunt, Cookie Mission Impossible, Laser Tag, Skating & Tobogganing, Photo Scavenger Hunts, Cantaloupe Bowling and much more! Curious? Join us!
  • Summer:
    • Annual Wiener Roast to end the Youth Season & Welcome next year's youth.
    • Camping Trip in Kananaskis
    • Week-long Youth Conference in various locations
  • Winter:
    • Snow Camp at Camp Valaqua. Get together with youth groups from our fellow Mennonite Churches and enjoy a snowy weekend in the trees.

Thinking about Post-Secondary Education?

Trinity has a bursary available for students pursuing a career in Church Leadership! If you are interested, check out the Education Fund Guidelines to see if you are eligible, and fill out an application.

"What's in the Library?"

Here are a few items available in the library for Youth. Please come in and browse!


  • The King Raven series by Stephen Lawhead: Hood, Scarlet, Tuck
  • The Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins
  • Mystery, romance, historical fiction and more - come check it out!


  • Can You Handle the Truth? Covering hard issues "without the fluff".
  • Geek Proof Your Faith - Don't Check Your Brains at the Door What to say and what not to say to stand up for your beliefs.


  • Risk For guys who are ready to go to the next level in their faith and ready to say goodbye to playing it safe when it comes to radically trusting their Saviour.
  • Dream For guys who want to capture God's plan for their life.


  • Fierce Beauty: Choosing to stand for what matters most True beauty is not about how you look... but about how you live.
  • Escaping the Vampire An epic love story - even greater than that of Bella and Edward - about facing the world with confidence and courage.


  • Boy Meets Girl
  • Finding the Right One for You
  • You Ask About Relationships


  • Lord, I Haven't Talked with You Since the Last Crisis but...
  • The Prayer of Jabez for Teens

Bible Study

  • God's Story, Your Story Explore the New Testament in a way that connects God's narrative to your own, through contemporary examples that show how your everyday life is part of God's bigger redemption story.


  • Ask Third Way Cafe 50 common and quirky questions about Mennonites
  • The Mennonite Handbook "The essential guide" to all things Mennonite. Wise and humorous advice on how to stay alert in church, the meaning of baptism and communion, how to sing a 4-part hymn and everything you want to know about Anabaptists.
  • The Fugitive A historical novel about Menno Simons, a heretic who flees his former church for the sake of his beliefs.
  • Understanding the Faith from a Mennonite Perspective


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Trinity Students:
Did you know that Trinity has a bursary for students pursuing a career in Church Leadership? Check out the Education Fund Guidelines to see if you are eligible, and fill out an application.

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