Special Events

Aside from our regular weekly ministries, we have various annual traditions as a church family.

Annual Special Events

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  • The Sunday School Picnic; this was a tradition carried over from our Mother churches which marked the end of the instruction year in June. Father's Day was a favourite Sunday to have the picnic, and this carried over to the young Trinity.
    • For the first two years, we gathered at the acreage of one of our families.
    • For the following four years, we gathered at Camp Valaqua, an "overnighter" for some.
    • In 1988, a decision was made to have the picnics locally, when we started gathering in Fish Creek Park.
    • Starting in 1994, Lloyd Park, a few miles West of our church as the crow flies, became the location for the picnic.
    • Presently, since our church building is on such a beautiful piece of land, we have been gathering for the picnic right here on our own property.
    • A tradition of taking a group picture of all of the participants at the picnic was started in the Fish Creek days, and has carried through to today.
  • Gathering Sunday & Annual Corn Boil; at the beginning of a new season for all of our programs, we enjoy a Gathering Sunday Service, where we pray for our leaders going into a new season and send them off with a blessing. Following the service, we enjoy a corn boil lunch; corn, butter, watermelon, roll kuchen and desserts create an opportunity for a tasty meal, wonderful fellowship and fun.
  • Church Family Fall Retreat; every year in September we spend a weekend at Camp Valaqua as a group. We eat together, sing together and play together for an entire weekend, and we learn more about one another.
  • Christmas Banquet; this is a time to dress up, enjoy a great Christmas dinner, sing carols together and usually enjoy some form of entertainment for the evening. Often, the Christmas Banquet takes place on one of the earlier Saturdays in December.
  • Annual Christmas Tree Expedition; what has become a fairly large group of Trinity Friends heads out into the woods to search for the perfect Christmas tree. Following the hunt, the group gathers and enjoys food and fellowship with a wiener roast around an open fire.


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